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What Are Exercises To Gain Weight: Best Exercises To Help With Weight Gain

What Are Exercises To Gain Weight: Best Exercises To Help With Weight Gain

Gaining weight isn’t just about eating more; it’s also about choosing the right exercises. Many people think shedding pounds is the big challenge, but adding on muscle mass can be just as tough.

This guide breaks down what are exercises to gain weight and how you can bulk up effectively with a mix of strength training moves.

Serg Bayracny knows his way around the gym floor. With over ten years coaching in strength sports and fitness, he’s got the low-down on building bulk. From push-ups to squats, Serg teaches how each move can add onto your frame when done right.

What Are Exercises To Gain Weight: Best Exercises To Help With Weight Gain
What Are Exercises To Gain Weight: Best Exercises To Help With Weight Gain 9

Ready to grow?

Key Takeaways

  • Eating lots of proteins and carbs helps your body grow bigger. Make sure to plan your meals around workouts.
  • Push-ups, squats, pull-ups, bench presses, and lunges are great for gaining weight. They work many muscles at once.
  • Avoid exercises like long – distance running or HIIT when trying to bulk up. They burn more calories than they build muscle.
  • Doing the right number of sets and reps is key to gaining weight. Follow the table provided for guidance.
  • Mix exercising with eating right for best results in gaining weight.

Understanding the Importance of Exercise in Weight Gain

What Are Exercises To Gain Weight: Best Exercises To Help With Weight Gain
What Are Exercises To Gain Weight: Best Exercises To Help With Weight Gain 10

So, you’ve thought about what are exercises to gain weight. Now it’s time to dig into why exercising is a key player in bulking up. Exercise isn’t just for those wanting to lose pounds.

For bodybuilders looking to pack on muscle, the right kind of workouts can make a big difference. It activates your muscles, telling them it’s time to grow. Plus, focusing on things like push-ups and squats helps increase your body mass healthily.

From my own journey, I learned early that not all exercise does the trick when you want bigger muscles. Heavy lifting with lower reps pushed my body beyond its comfort zone—this method signals your body that it needs stronger muscles to handle the stress next time around.

Exercise for gaining weight is not just about more reps; it’s about challenging yourself with every lift.

Top Exercises to Assist in Weight Gain

To get more muscle, you need good workouts. What are exercises to gain weight? They’re the kind where you lift and push your own body, like doing press-ups or squatting down and standing up again.

These moves make muscles work hard and grow bigger over time.


Push-ups are a key exercise for bodybuilders who want to build muscles in their upper body and core. They work by using your own body weight as resistance. You lower your chest to the ground and then push back up.

This simple move targets major muscle groups, like your chest muscles, shoulders, triceps, and abdomen.

I’ve found that doing push-ups regularly helps increase strength and size in these areas. They’re ideal for gaining weight because you can do them anywhere—no gym needed. Plus, you can change how far apart your hands are to work different parts of the muscles.

For instance, placing your hands closer works the triceps harder, while a wider stance focuses on the chest more. Keeping your back straight is crucial; it makes sure you’re working the right muscles and staying safe.


Squats are a powerful move for gaining muscle in your lower body. You stand with feet apart, then bend your knees to lower down and stand up again. This simple movement hits every muscle in your legs and butt.

Doing squats the right way keeps your back safe and makes you stronger.

They also help build strength in other parts of your body. By keeping hands shoulder-width apart or holding weights, you work on shoulders and arms too. Squats need no special gear, making them perfect for a home workout routine.

Now, let’s shift our focus to pull-ups, another excellent exercise for building upper body strength.


Pull-ups are a top exercise for gaining big muscles in your back, shoulders, and arms. You need a bar to hang from. Grip it tight, then pull yourself up until your chin is over the bar.

Lower yourself down slowly. Doing this builds strength and adds muscle.

I once struggled to do even one pull-up. But with practice, I got better and saw my muscles grow. These exercises target many parts of the upper body at once. They’re effective for weight gain because they push multiple muscle groups to work hard together.

Pull-ups teach us that what pulls us down can also lift us up.

Bench press

Bench press is key for bodybuilders wanting big chest muscles and stronger arms. You lie on a bench, grab a barbell, and push it up until your arms are straight. Then you lower it back down.

This move works more than just your chest. It hits your shoulders and triceps hard too.

I’ve used the bench press in my routines for years. It helps pack on muscle fast. Make sure to keep your feet flat and back tight against the bench for safety and power. After bench presses, move on to lunges for a solid leg workout.


Lunges are key for gaining weight, especially in your legs and glutes. You start by stepping forward with one foot until your thigh is upside down to the floor. Keep your back straight and don’t let your knee go past your toes.

Then, push yourself back up and repeat with the other leg. This move makes muscles work hard, which can help you add pounds of muscle.

I’ve seen many bodybuilders include lunges in their workout plans for good reason. They hit different parts of the lower body—like thighs and booty—which is great for building a balanced physique.

Plus, they’re simple enough to do at home or at the gym without fancy equipment. From my experience, doing lunges regularly can lead to weight gain in all the right places by increasing muscle mass efficiently.

What Are Exercises To Gain Weight: Best Exercises To Help With Weight Gain
What Are Exercises To Gain Weight: Best Exercises To Help With Weight Gain 11

After lunges, let’s focus on how many sets and reps you should aim for to gain weight effectively. This part is crucial, folks. It’s where science meets sweat. From my decade of coaching in the fitness trenches, I’ve seen firsthand the impact of getting this mix right. So, here’s a table that lays it all out for you. Trust me, sticking to these numbers can be a game-changer in your weight gain journey.

Bench Press4-56-10
Lunges3-48-12 per leg

This template is your blueprint. You might need to adjust slightly based on your own body’s response. Some days, pushing beyond your limit can lead to progress. Other days, listening to your body and pulling back a bit can prevent injury. Always keep your goals in sight and adjust as you progress. The key is consistency and effort. Combine these exercises with the right diet, and you’re on your way to gaining weight the healthy way.

Exercises to Avoid When Trying to Gain Weight

What Are Exercises To Gain Weight: Best Exercises To Help With Weight Gain
What Are Exercises To Gain Weight: Best Exercises To Help With Weight Gain 12

If you’re on a mission to bulk up, knowing what exercises to skip is just as crucial as finding the right routine. Certain moves may seem effective but could actually slow down your progress. Here’s a list of exercises to steer clear from if gaining weight and muscle mass are your goals.

Long-Distance Running: This cardio activity burns a ton of calories, which is great for losing weight but not for bulking up. I learned the hard way that long jogs eat into muscle gains because the body starts using muscle for energy once it runs out of fat.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT): While HIIT can boost metabolism and improve cardiovascular health, it also burns through calories and fat quickly. For those trying to increase their size, this means it might be harder to maintain the calorie surplus needed for muscle growth.

Yoga: Surprisingly, some forms of yoga focus more on flexibility and balance than on building strength. Certain poses require holding your body in a way that doesn’t necessarily lead to the type of muscle stress needed for growth.

Crunches: Focusing too much on crunches or sit-ups in hopes of gaining abs can sometimes work against you. These exercises don’t add much in terms of overall body mass and might just leave you with sore abs.

Isolation Exercises: Moves like bicep curls or calf raises only work one muscle at a time. They’re fine for toning but not the best choice when you want to gain weight. Compound movements that hit multiple muscles are far more effective for building mass.

Remember, ditching these activities doesn’t mean giving up on cardio or flexibility training altogether. It’s about balancing your workouts to favor weight and strength gains while keeping a check on activities that burn more than they build.

The Role of Diet in Gaining Weight

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What Are Exercises To Gain Weight: Best Exercises To Help With Weight Gain 13

Eating the right foods plays a huge part in gaining weight and building muscle. You need lots of calories to grow bigger, but not just any will do. Focus on eating plenty of proteins, like chicken and fish, and adding more carbs through rice and pasta.

These nutrients give your body the energy it needs to power through what are exercises to gain weight routines. Also, don’t forget healthy fats from avocados and nuts. They help too.

Plan your meals around workouts for the best results. Eating protein after lifting weights helps fix muscles faster. And having carbs before you exercise gives you more energy to perform better.

Next up, let’s talk about exercises that may not be helpful when trying to bulk up.


What Are Exercises To Gain Weight: Best Exercises To Help With Weight Gain
What Are Exercises To Gain Weight: Best Exercises To Help With Weight Gain 14

You learned what are exercises to gain weight and how important exercise is for gaining it. Push-ups, squats, pull-ups, bench press, lunges—all these help you bulk up. We showed you which ones work best and which to skip if bulking up is your goal.

Eating right plays a big role too. It’s about finding the right mix of movement and meals.

These moves are not hard to start or keep doing at home. They make getting bigger simpler than you might think. By sticking with them, adding more food to your diet, you’ll see changes.

Why this matters? You get stronger, look better—feel amazing—or all three! There’s always more to learn or try in getting fit.

Do it daily; give muscles time to heal after workouts. This way works wonders for weight goals.

So go ahead—give these exercises a shot. See how much they can change your fitness game!


What Are Exercises To Gain Weight: Best Exercises To Help With Weight Gain
What Are Exercises To Gain Weight: Best Exercises To Help With Weight Gain 15

1. What are the best exercises to gain weight?

To gain weight and build muscle, focus on compound exercises like squats, pull-ups, and dips. These activities work multiple muscles at once – a great way to increase muscle mass.

2. Can I do weight gain exercises at home?

Yes! Many effective exercises for gaining weight don’t need equipment. Try push-ups, burpees, and crunches at home to build strength and muscle.

3. How often should I exercise to gain weight?

Regular exercise is key; aim for workouts 3-4 times a week. Remember, giving your muscles time to recover after a workout helps them grow bigger and stronger.

4. Do certain foods help with gaining weight along with exercise?

Absolutely! Eating enough calories from healthy foods like lean meats, nuts, and dried fruits supports your body in building new muscle mass when combined with regular exercise.

5. Is it possible to target belly fat while trying to gain weight?

While you’re focusing on gaining healthy weight through exercise and diet, some specific exercises can help strengthen your core but losing fat in just one area isn’t easy without overall fitness and nutrition efforts.

6. What if I’m struggling to gain weight even with exercise?

Gaining weight can be hard for some people due to their metabolism or medical conditions… If you’re eating right and exercising but not seeing results,, consider talking with a doctor or nutritionist for personalized advice.

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Serg Bayracny

Years ago, the spark of my life’s passion ignited in my mind the moment I stepped into the local gym for the first time. The inaugural bead of perspiration, the initial endeavor, the very first surge of endorphins, and a sense of pride that washed over me post-workout marked the beginning of my deep-seated interest in strength sports, fitness, and sports nutrition. This very curiosity blossomed rapidly into a profound fascination, propelling me to earn a Master’s degree in Physical Education from the Academy of Physical Education in Krakow, followed by a Sports Manager diploma from the Jagiellonian University. My journey of growth led me to gain more specialized qualifications, such as being a certified personal trainer with a focus on sports dietetics, a lifeguard, and an instructor for wellness and corrective gymnastics. Theoretical knowledge paired seamlessly with practical experience, reinforcing my belief that the transformation of individuals under my guidance was also a reflection of my personal growth. This belief holds true even today. Each day, I strive to push the boundaries and explore new realms. These realms gently elevate me to greater heights. The unique combination of passion for my field and the continuous quest for growth fuels my drive to break new ground.

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